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The Art

Each one of our glass creations is different. There are never 2 that are ever the same.


making your's a ONE OF A KIND.  Seek the piece that speaks to more than just your eyes; find the one that intrigues and inspires your senses.

Our materials are hand layered one piece at a time into the design to help create the three-dimensional visual texture and luminescence that makes the pieces unique. We use eleven colors of crushed glass, flakes of Mica in pearl, bronze, gold, silver, blue, green, yellow, and reds.


We have 34 different shades of specially processed Angel Hair strands that we can use individually or blended into multi-chromatic accents, iridescent flakes in various sizes, and generous amounts of iridescence such as, Diamond Dust, Teal, Red, Gold, Green, and Purple. 

We custom mix our own pearl and metallic paints.

It is a unique layering technique that we have been developing over the last 15 years in an effort to make striking and unique pieces with true visual impact for drive-by style viewing and yet have depth and detail that intrigue the mind and senses when gazed upon and absorbed.


Most orders come complete with stand, black crushed velvet or upgraded inserts, and black organza drawstring gift bag.


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