Midnight Gallery Premium Glass Urns and Memorials

Because Each Life is a Work of Art

Midnight Gallery premiered its new line of Premium Glass Urns and Memorials at the 2017 Iowa Funeral Director’s Convention. These urns will be made available to Funeral Homes and Crematoriums with a reputation for distinction, dignity, and compassion; enabling them to take families who choose cremation to the highest level of personalization and celebration of life.


Each glass urn is hand finished with the same expertise, attention to detail, and artistry that is used to create pieces for celebrities, dignitaries, and political figures…expressing and honoring the unique personality and beautiful memory of a deceased loved one. This transforms each urn from a vessel into an artistic memorial with a personal connection.

Midnight Gallery premium glass urns feature black satin drawstring satchel for classy and respectful inurnment of cremains.

  Midnight Gallery Urns provide flexibility to provide a stunning display whether the family chooses to have the    urn sealed or unsealed.



  • The satin satchel can be bloused at the top of the urn into the shape of a flower, allowing a warm and professional presentation that allows access for future spreading of cremains. This leaves the urn intact as an artistic memorial or heirloom for the family to enjoy for generations.


  • Midnight Gallery Urns can be sealed with custom master class engraved inserts. The personalization contains family information as well as the artist’s signature; authenticating each urn as a one of a kind piece of artwork, personally, hand crafted by the exclusive Midnight Gallery.


  • Midnight Gallery Urns include a black mesh organza bag for presentation of urn to family or for when urn is transported. Stylish and helps prevent smudging of glass by fingerprints.



Customization of design is an option available for persons Pre-Planning. This allows the unique option of displaying their one of a kind piece as artwork in their home until the need arises.



Please contact the Midnight Gallery for more information on these, one of a kind memorial pieces.



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