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Meet Todd

Todd Ruszkowski hails from Colorado where he attended Arvada High School.  Todd moved to Iowa in 1985 to further his education at the University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls. His studies included an emphasis in Gerontology Psychology.


In 1992, Todd began his training at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in Des Moines where he spent 18 years in various forms of Law and Gaming Enforcement to include: the Oskaloosa Iowa police department, the Meskwaki Bingo Casino and Hotel, and the Meskwaki Nation Tribal Police. He later joined the Ackley Police Department and serves to protect and defend his community, giving back at every turn. 

Todd remains a prolific writer and ardent musician whose passion for the arts was heightened during a month-long European tour in 2000. 


Inspired by the beauty of Venice, the romance of Paris and the history of London, and the enthusiastic zest of life that is Amsterdam, Todd returned to the United States fueled with a passion for combining these elements and expressing them through a unique style of art.


Todd has taken a blank slate and has created the "Midnight Gallery" where he crafts and showcases designs for non-profit organizations, fundraising campaigns, National and international entertainer's and yes, even the White House.


The idea behind the "Midnight Gallery" was brought on by his experience in the Law enforcement arena where he is assured every day of the fact that "life is short and that everyone should make the most of every moment put before them." 


Todd completed custom artwork for the Presidential suite at Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel in Tama, IA and has a tribute piece in honor his own mother in the Oncology Ward at Gundersen Medical Foundation in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. 


The Midnight Gallery is proud to boast its glass art pieces in Paris, France, Mexico, Holland, British Columbia (Canada), and Ethiopia.


Todd began to extend his artistic passion by hand-crafting cremation urns for friends whose families experienced tragic losses in his community and later, made them available to the public. 


Today, Todd creates exquisite glass accent art that blends elegance and style with spontaneity and creative license, one-by-one, personally and painstakingly hand-crafted; forming an emotional bond between the artist and his creation. 


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