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The Midnight Gallery... 

Opened in 2014, The Midnight Gallery is a customized Glass Arts Gallery

located in Ackley, Iowa specializing in handcrafted & designed Glassware.


Our glass masterpieces are displayed in a Contemporary museum setting interspersed

with creativity that will leave you with a sense of wonderment and awe. Honored,

we hold a five-star rating among our customers.


Each piece is handcrafted to perfection by our artist in unique colors and

breathtaking textures of exotic glass art.


Our customers express their personality with their choice of

many color combinations.


The beauty of our art and the combination of light with our unique textured

colors on glass will fill your space with comfort and warmth while decorating

the space with a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Our one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces are landing in the homes of some of the world's most well-recognized celebrities and upscale businesses across the country. These exquisite pieces make an elegant gift that everyone will treasure.


Our Gallery space is used to:


  • Inspire all who enter.


  • Groups and individuals tour the gallery and may purchase artwork.


  • Students tour to help develop creativity and artistic interest.


  • Photographers can purchase time in the space to offer their clientele a convenient one-stop location with multiple dramatic and interesting backdrops to create stunning and unique photographs.


  • Grieving guests come to us as a place of respite and to discuss the creation of personalized and custom memorials and urns to celebrate and remember their loved one's lives and accomplishments.


We offer a place of gathering that fosters peace, creativity, and tranquility.

Download our LOOK Book

Midnight Gallery Look Book
We give back at every turn in our community and across the world. Donations and Sponsors are encouraged and appreciated.

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